Road’s End Farm is located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State, just west of Seneca Lake.  We’ve been certified organic since 1988, and intend to continue to provide the local communities with fresh, healthy, and delicious produce for many years to come.  Road’s End sells at the Farmers’ Market in downtown Penn Yan on Saturdays, via Jylle at the Watkins Glen Market on Fridays, at the Watkins Glen indoor winter market also on Fridays, and sometimes through local retailers; or you can buy at the farm: on-farm sales are by chance or by appointment.  Please contact the farm if you’re interested — see the Contact page if you’d like to get in touch.
          This has been an interesting year so far; for some definitions of “interesting.” The weather hasn’t been very cooperative, and some items are missing or of limited quantity; and the Penn Yan market has ended early. Road’s End is continuing at the Watkins market. If you’d rather pick up a pre-filled box at market or at the farm, please contact the farm.
          Keep an eye on the “What’s available” link above or to the right for available product list updates — please note that this now updates Wednesdays in season and it may be quite late in the day, sometimes well after dark. From midwinter through May, updates are less frequent.  From that page or to the right, you can click “Annual availability list” to see a rough schedule of what’s expected to be available through the season.  If you’d like detailed information about specific crops, click “Our produce”.  To get more information about the markets, click “Our markets”.
          Thanks for visiting this site, and we hope to see you!